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Work performed

Castoro 12Activities carried out in 2010 consisted of the laying of approximately 1,365 km of pipelines and the installation of 46,606 tonnes of plant and equipment.

The main projects were as follows.

In the Mediterranean Sea:

  • work was completed on the EPICi Sequoia project in Egypt for Burullus Gas Co, which  encompassed engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of the subsea development system for the Sequoia field and of a new gas export pipeline;
  • work was completed on the Maamoura project, for Eni Tunisia BV, as part of an EPIC contract which encompassed project management, engineering, procurement, fabrication andinstallation of a platform and the laying of two pipelines;
  • work was completed on the Baraka project for Eni Tunisia BV, as part of an EPIC contract which encompassed project management, engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of a platform;
  • laying and trenching of the two sections of the gas pipeline was completed on the project for Snam Rete Gas for the installation of a new onshore gas import system from the FRSU (Floating Storage Re-gasification Unit) to be installed off the coast of Livorno, Italy;
  • on the Castor project for UTE ACS Cobra Castor in Spain, installation activities were completed on the wellhead platform and engineering work began in relation to the additional scope of work, which involves the installation of a pipeline;
  • in the Northern Adriatic, various facilities were installed as part of 2010 offshore works relating to the Framework Agreement signed with InAgip doo and Eni Exploration & Production.

In Saudi Arabia, under the Long Term Agreement with Saudi Aramco for the engineering, procurement, fabrication, transport and installation of structures, platforms and pipelines, construction works on platforms are being completed. The year also saw the installation of a number of pipelines, flowlines and a part of the platforms.

In the Far East:

  • works are ongoing for ExxonMobil on the contract for the PNG LNGi EPC2 offshore pipeline project in Papua New Guinea. The scope of work consists of the engineering, transportation and installation of a gas sealine connecting the Omati River landfall point on the southern coast of Papua New Guinea to the onshore point located near the capital Port Moresby, on the southeastern coast
  • work is underway for Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV on the EPIC Gajah Baru project in the West Natuna Sea offshore Indonesia, which encompasses engineering, procurement and installation of two platforms, a bridge connecting the platforms and a subsea gas export pipeline. One of the platforms will be installed using the float-over method.
  • work was completed on the Premier Oil Block 12 Development, for PTSC, in Vietnam, which comprised the engineering, project management, transport and installation of a platform, five pipelines and an umbilical.

In West Africa:

  • work was completed on the Block 17 EPIC contract in Angola, for Total Exploration & Production Angola, which involves exporting gas from Block 17 for injection into two depleted oil reservoirs located offshore Angola. The contract comprised the engineering, procurement, fabrication, transportation and installation of a new gas injection platform;
  • work was completed on the EPIC-type Olowi project for CNR International (Olowi), for the development of the Olowi field in Gabon, which comprised engineering, procurement, construction and installation of three wellhead towers, three platforms and associated umbilicals;
  • work was completed on the SCP (Single Central Platform) contract for Total Exploration & Production Angola, which encompassed the construction and commissioning of a platform in Block 2 in Angola;
  • work was completed on the EPIC-type Libondo Platform project for Total Exploration & Production Congo, in Congo, which encompassed engineering, procurement, construction and installation of two subsea pipelines, two subsea cables and the installation of a platform;
  • work is underway for Esso Exploration Angola (Block 15) Ltd on the Kizomba Satellites Epc3 Tiebacks project, involving the Kizomba Satellites fields in Block 15 offshore Angola. The scope of work comprises engineering, construction, transport and installation of tiebacks, umbilicals, risers and subsea systems connecting the Mavacola and Clochas fields to the existing Kizomba A and B FPSOs;
  • activities continued on the EPIC type Usan project for Elf Petroleum Nigeria (Total), relating to the subsea development of the Usan deepwater field, located approximately 160 km south of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. The contract encompasses the engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and assistance to commissioning and start-up for subsea umbilicals, flowlines and risers connecting the 42 subsea wells to the FPSO system, as well as the construction of the oil loading terminal, consisting of an offloading buoy and two offloading lines, and part of the FPSO anchoring system;
  • offshore works continued on the EPIC-type FARM project for Cabinda Gulf Oil Co Ltd, in Angola, which comprises the construction of 10 flare stacks and modifications to the gas combustion and discharge systems on 14 platforms in Block 0, which is located off the coast of Cabinda province;
  • engineering and procurement activities commenced offshore Nigeria on the Bonga North West contract for Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Co Ltd (SNEPCo). The contract encompasses engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and pre-commissioning services for production pipe-in-pipe flowlines, water injection flowlines as well as related production facilities.

In the Baltic Sea, pipelaying started on the Nord Stream project for Nord Stream AG. The contract involves the laying of a gas pipeline composed of two parallel pipes that will link Vyborg in Russia with Greifswald in Germany, as well as dredging, backfilling, testing and pre-commissioning activities.

In the North Sea:

  • è stato completato il progetto Buzzard Enhancement, per conto Nexen Petroleum Uk, che prevedeva l’installazione di un jacket, di pali e di un ponte, in acque inglesi; 
  • installation work was completed on the Valhall project for Statoil Hydro Petroleum AS, which comprised the transportation and installation of five interconnecting bridges and two wellhead towers for the Valhall field in Norway;
  • various structures were installed for Statoil in the Norwegian sector;
  • preparatory work for the 2011 installation campaign was started in connection with contracts for BP (Claire Ridge, Andrew and Oselvar) and Shell (Ormen Lange).


In Azerbaijan, for BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Ltd, subsea inspection, maintenance and repair works continued on BP offshore infrastructure in the Azeri offshore, including platforms installed in previous years.

Meanwhile, for AIOC, as part of the Chirag Oil Project, work was completed on two separate contracts which comprised the construction and installation of a template, while engineering work began on two new work scopes encompassing the construction of the jacket and transportation and installation of the jacket and topsides.

In Kazakhstan, for Agip KCO, as part of the programme for the development of the Kashagan field:

  • offshore pipelaying operations were completed in relation to the previous work scope and engineering and procurement activities began in connection with the extension of the Trunklinei and Production Flowlines project, which comprises engineering, procurement, laying and commissioning of pipelines, fibre optic cables and umbilicals;
  • work is underway on the extension of the contract for the Piles and Flares project, which encompasses the installation of modular barges, a flare, a number of piperacks, a connecting bridge and various other structures currently under construction in Kuryk;
  • activities continued on the Hook Up and Commissioningi project, encompassing the hook-up and commissioning of offshore facilities and pre-fabrication and completion of modules at the Kuryk yard.

In South America:

  • swork was completed on the Mexilhao contract for Companhia Mexilhao do Brasil, in Brazil. The contract comprised the transport and installation of a jacket, mooring piles and topsides for the PMXL-1 platform, for the Mexilhao field development in the Santos basin, approximately 140 km off the coast of the state of San Paolo;
  • installation work was carried out on the Uruguà-Mexilhao Pipelinei contract for Petrobras, in the Santos basin off the coast of Brazil. The contract comprises the transport, installation and testing of a pipeline that will link the FPSO Cidade de Santos, located in the Exploratory Block BS-500, in 1,372 metres of water, to a gas platform in 172 metres of water in the Uruguà field;
  • preparatory activities commenced for Petrobras on the P55-SCR project in Brazil. The EPIC contract encompasses the engineering, procurement, transportation and offshore installation of flowlines and risers serving the semi-submersible platform P-55 to be installed in the Roncador field, in the Campos basin off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

In the Leased FPSOi segment, the following vessels carried out operations during the year:

  • the FPSO Cidade de Vitoria carried out operations as part of an eleven-year contract with Petrobras on the second phase of development of the Golfinho field, situated off the coast of Brazil at a water depth of 1,400 metres;
  • the FPSO Gimboa carried out operations on behalf of Sonangol P&P, under a six-year contract for the provision and operation of an FPSO unit for the  development of the Gimboa field, located in Block 4/05 offshore Angola, at a water depth of 700 metres.